Sacred Journeys


Sacred Water Bali Retreat

This is a Master Retreat for all aligning with the Light, awakening inner healer in Sacred Waters & Temples of Bali.

In sacred sites and pure waters of Bali we will purify our body, mind, hearts, emotions to let go of the past and awaken to New Life, to give birth to the Being of Light that you are.
The Master of Love that you are.

* With daily kundalini yoga & meditation
* With contemplations at sacred temples
* With the guidance of Master Shaman & Healer

It’s a Journey to Heart Centered World, Following The Light Within. The journey to abundance & prosperity.

Please note as it’s important:
There is going to be a silent day to fully immerse on inner self before we head to Holy Waters Temple for purification and to the Mother Temple for the blessings.

We might be able arrange an additional journey to an active volcano on holy mountain during the night for the sun rise! So looking forward to it!

Every day will bring something new to be excited about in our life. To awaken the passion for life & live fully.

Bali is an island of pure energy and great abundance.
Would you like to join? To encompass this feeling into your life?

Complete plan of journeys available on request (will be added soon)


Journey costs £1000 + flights
£100 deposit (remaining balance in Bali)

Information & Bookings on:

Little glimpse of the last journey:

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The Host:
Wioletta Diamondheart Aka Karam Kaur is a uplifting and inspiring kundalini yoga teacher with many years of experience in a field of yoga, healing and sacred journeys to Power Places. Her passion for life, for people and commitment to serve others creates a high vibrational sacred space for healing and transformation to occur.

Wioletta Diamondheart encourages participants to work to their maximum, to be truthful and practice their dedication to divinity in a deep and profound way. Her guidance works to harness the energy of the group to support each individual to evolve, expand in consciousness and realise ones full potential. To live a life blessed with peace, health, happiness, holiness and harmony in oneness.

Many blessing
Love & Light
Wioletta Diamondheart Karam Kaur

Sacred Journey to Peru March 2017

Andean Master Path with Mallku & Wioletta Diamondheart
PERU 2017




Arrival to the airport, reception and trans to the hotel. Over night. (Advice the time with details of flights arrival)

Depart for our morning flight to Cusco. Reception and welcome ceremony. In right time transportation to the Sacred Valley. On the way to our lodge we will stop at Chinchero and visit the amazing Earth Altar. Discover the Magic Hatun Chinkana of this initiatory center. This Waka or sacred place is as the Brain and with its vibration will permit to travel to the dimension of the soul. We will spend the night in the Sacred Valley. (VEGETARIAN WELCOME LUNCH)

In the morning explore the absolutely unique and ancient Inka city of Ollantaytambo and be impress by the high technology of architecture combined with spirit. In the afternoon visit Moray, an Inka site with circular terraces that used to create exceptional conditions or micro climates that fostered domestication, acclimatization and hybridization of a wide array of wild vegetable species that were modified or adapted for human consumption.

In the morning we will have the train ride to the village of Aguas Calientes, arrival and luggage accommodation at the lodge. And in right time we will visit the famed city of Machu Pijchu, named by Mallku as the Crystal City, the Rainbow City, the City of the Kondor and the Hummingbird, the City of Peace, and the City of Light. The legendary beauty of this magnificent city defies description. There are many trails and power sites to explore here, and we will have ample opportunity for ceremony to open to a deeper experience of the intrinsic magic if this amazing city with its temples. Over night at the village of Aguas Calientes.

Early in the morning we enter Machu Pijchu to take part in ceremony for a deeper journey into the inner path to gain confidence in our souls and our unique purpose. The arrival of the new time creates a cosmic wave and light influence into our planet and we will have the chance to celebrate here in Machu Pijchu sending light and transforming our own path in a solar experience. We return to Cusco on an afternoon train, and overnight in the “navel of the world.”

Morning visit Tipon, an ancient agricultural site with many terraces and an intricate irrigation system that culminates at a Temple of the Water. We stop in Cusco and then on to visit Amaru Machay, the cave of the Serpents, guided ceremonies at these powerful location. Continue to Q’enqo, the sacred place of the Puma. Mallku is a specialist in Q’enqo and its rich lore and history. Overnight in Cusco.

Today we will explore the Inka town of Pisaq. The entire mountain behind the village is considered an archaeological treasure, and for good reason. We are bussed several miles up to the top, from where we can hike downhill past ancient sites and burial grounds along an amazing trail with breathtaking views. We arrive to the Inka altars and ceremonial places and in a release meditation discover your inner power and mastery. At afternoon visit Saqsaywaman, which is a huge, stunning site which holds the great house of the Sun, where the head of the Puma of Cusco resides. Its megalithic, zigzag stone walls were pieced together with amazing skill, drawing snakes and other Andean symbols the, like a lightening bolt across a great field. Return to Cusco and rest.

Day to see more of the beauty of Cusco, enjoy a museum or an art gallery. Late afternoon ceremony with drums. (SPECIAL DINER)

Nice trip to Lake Titikaka, stopping along the way at the magnificent Temple of Wiraqocha. This is a beautiful ride and with all the stops, you will have the opportunity to register in your memories the power of the Apus or Mountain Spirits. We will arrive at our hotel in Puno in the late afternoon. (DINNER)

Early departure to reach the ancient Aimara altars as we walk the sacred path on the Magical Serpent and explore the Ajayu Marka, a dimensional world with its doors. In right time continue to Charkas for great salutations to the spirit of the lake. Return to Puno for overnight.

This morning we cross the highest navigable lake in the world to the island of Amantani. The spiritual leader of the community will led us in a power offering for Pachamama. This night we share with the locals and stay in their homes to become one of the most remarkable memories for the journey. (LUNCH + DINNER)

Early in the morning we ascend to the temples of Pachatata and Pachamama where we present our offering to Pachamama and to life. After some light meal, we boat back to the continent and will have our transportation to Puno and have a free afternoon.

Morning visit to the Andean Taj Majal in Sillustani, another sacred site for our closing ritual and circle, then transfer to the airport for our flight to Lima, arrival and transfer to the hotel.

Transfer to the airport for your international connections. End of our services.


£2000 + flights

*All transportation and visits with entrance fees

*Accommodation in hotels 3*** with daily breakfast, with the exception of Amantani Island which is at the houses of inhabitants

*Company of expert guides in Andean culture

*Meditations, ceremonies and shamanic experiences

*All services in private for the group formed for this itinerary (people from all over the world)

*05 meals along the trip


*Domestic flights from LIMA/CUSCO & JULIACA/LIMA with airport taxes

*International flights neither its airport taxes

*Meals beside the 05 announced


*Personal expenses

*Personal accidents insurance

*Other not mentioned
-DOMESTIC FLIGHTS: If participants can not arrange themselves, then we can arrange, but there is not a net price for this because the domestic flights change prices everyday or even every hour. If we have to do this, then the ones who are ready need to ask to us, the best is to do this as a group, like this at least we will try to put every body in the same flight. Prices for these flights can vary between US$ 340 to US$ 450 depending when booked and payed, the soonest the better.
-Note: The program can be modified if natural or political events will obligate, but we will follow the spirit of the original itinerary.

-We suggest to bring an international medical insurance.

For more into call 07956384160
Many Blessings ❤️

Mallku leads us on an enlightening pilgrimage from sacred sundials and dimensional portals, to healing springs and celestial mountains. The physical journey through these highly charged power places is a fascinating second step in this exploration.

The land and people alone are awe-inspiring, but with Mallku’s explanation, the past and present come alive with future continuity and promise.

For those acquainted with shamanic teachings and practices of native cultures, many parts will sound familiar, but with a distinctive Andean emphasis, including the Spirit animals most prominent in the Andean world: the Puma, the Kondor, the Serpent, the Eagle, the Hummingbird, and the Jaguar. The initiate assimilates the abilities of these spirit animals, giving him superhuman intuition, dexterity, vision, and the ability to create and transform energy. The demands placed on the individual who chooses to accept the challenge and develop these latent abilities are more extensive than most anticipate, but the rewards are impressive and far-reaching.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Mallku’s thesis is that the doors to these new dimensions of awareness have recently been opened for us, because of the beginning of a new Pachakuti, or cosmic cycle. Andean history is divided into segments of a thousand years, with a transformational era after every five hundred years. In 1992 we recently passed one of these historical transitions.

The legendary Inka Pachakuti was responsible for designing the Andean city of Cusco in the physical shape of a Puma. This Puma center of the Inkan empire is progressively illuminated by each sunrise, symbolizing the gradual awakening of the transcendent development of awareness in human beings. Andean history was written by the invaders of a land which, after 500 years of domination, is now returning to a new epoch of balance and independence. Spiritual and psychic doors closed for centuries are now opening, inviting and propelling us to new heights of responsibility and connection to ourselves, our fellow men and our planet.

There is much more for us to rediscover about the foresight and vision of our ancestors. We are now in the fifth year of the tenth Pachakuti, and the mission of this new epoch is related to but different from that of the last cycle. Tolerance and respect between cultures and religions, combined with the capacity to agree and disagree, is a major evolutionary step destined for the new Pachakuti. The constant and destructive fight for domination between people of limited vision, who cling to and worship one manifestation of Divinity at the expense of another, will be replaced by recognition of the many faces of the Creator God.

Acceptance of old and new modes of worship, prompted by compassion and appreciation for the complexity of the Divine God and Man will be another welcome development. Transformation from the goal of political and physical expansion of the Inkan empire, to the cross-cultural spiritual and psychological awakening, is a refreshing and noble transition we are now privileged to experience and witness. As the Indian chief, an illuminated Inkan leader prophesied in the transitional period of the last Pachakuti, “I will go away, but when I return I will be millions.” This dissolution of barriers between man and the priesthood is what we are now beginning to encounter and develop.

Mallku promises that other facts of Peru’s intriguing cosmology and history will be explored in subsequent books on the healing practices and mysticism of the Amazon jungle tribes and the shamans of the coastal areas of Peru. The ceremonial use of medicinal and psychotropic plants, and a spiritual healing tradition thousands of years old, are important parts of Peru’s heritage. The multi-dimensional and rich cosmology of the Peruvian spiritual leaders, whether they be Aymara, Quechua or Amazonian, is able to strengthen and restore the strained and torn web of our modern lives. The wisdom and foresight of our ancestors will enrich and preserve our irreplaceable, intricate planet, and teach us new and forgotten secrets about ourselves and our universe.

Love and Light


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