Kundalini Yoga

KUNDALINI YOGA & Meditation Classes for All

in Chiswick Fridays 7:00-8:30pm

@ Spirit Design Studio, 188-196 Sutton Court Road, Chiswick W4 3HR


In this time of great change we are faced with many challenges on a daily basis. Some are small challenges and others will test the very limits of our
strength. The ancient art and science of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan  provides practical tools for embracing life’s challenges with grace, courage, and joy.

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient technology design to expand our awareness. It is a total work out for the body,mind and spirit. Kundalini works by freeing the flow of energy through seven power centers in the body known as chakras. By opening and balancing these centers, we enable ourselves to connect to a larger source of energy, from which we have come and to which we will return. 

Kundalini Yoga does this with a combination of exercise,meditation, chanting and breathing techniques that calm the mind, energize the body and awaken the spirit releasing tension and stress of everyday life. It builds focus , strength and stamina. It is a secret of a true joy. Kundalini yoga gives you pure form of energy that radiates from the core connection of your heart, mind and physical being.


A Kundalini Yoga session leaves you feeling fighting fit, ready and able to tackle everyday challenges with new zest. You will feel more relaxed, balanced and fresh. You will establish deeper relationship with yourself, your partner, your family and friends. You will look and feel younger, more vibrant and alive. You will feel its benefits almost immediately. Your life will be transformed into one that is healthy, happy and holy. 

This class is for everyone, no previous experience needed.
All you need is loose clothes and a blanket to cover yourself during relaxation.
Sat Nam.


For more info contact me on 07956 384 160


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Morning Sessions available Tuesday’s 10:00-11:30 @ Emlyn Gardens, W12 9UQ Chiswick

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