Spring Equinox and Transformation in deep relaxation in silky orange cocoons with Sacred Sounds

Spring Equinox it’s a time when day and night are of equal length all over the world.Here we are celebrating First Day of the Spring in northern hemisphere.

The focus here is the balance of light and dark, the outer world is balanced by the inner world. Both are equal.
The Equinoxes fall at the beginning of the seasonal changes. Spring Equinox it’s a promise of Summer. The New Season will affect all of life and bring a changes within as well as without, and will release new energy patterns. 
Times of transition are often chaotic and stressful, but out of this chaos, new ways, new ideas and new directions can manifest. 
The Equinoxes are the times to take action, to transform, to release the past, and move forward.
Physical, mental and spiritual levels are interlocked and perfectly balanced, so whatever is done on one level will affect the other two. Every action has a reaction.

Your spiritual understanding constantly affects your devotions in everyday life. Your mind affects the Spirit, your health and what you attract into your life. Now, at the Time of Spring Equinox make time to understand this balanced flow of energy we are all part of. It is the energy and power of the rational conscious mind when joined with the energy and power of the intuition and inner wisdom, which brings fertility and manifestation. This is the union which brings forth NEW LIFE ON MANY LEVELS.  
Use this potent energy of the Spring Equinox to focus on the direction you wish to go in. Open up to this new beginning with ease and trust, transform from this tight cocoon into beautiful butterfly and fly … BE FREE MY SOUL
This cocooning session is just for that!

All are welcome to join our Cocooning Session of Deep Relaxation with Sacred Sounds, ambient music , aromatherapy all soul lead.

Saturday 18.03.17 @ 6:00-7:30

Spirit Design Studio, 188-192 Sutton Court Road, Chiswick W4 3HR

Say YES! To New You, To New Life.
With love

Wioletta Diamondheart  

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